Barbie x Benito Santos Dia De Los Muertos Day of the Dead Doll

Barbie Día de Muertos x Benito Santos, la primera edición diseñada por un mexicano (

Since September, Mexicans have become very patriotic. Proof of this is the announcement of the new collaboration of the Jalisco designer with the most famous doll in the world: Benito Santos x Barbie. This on the occasion of one of the most iconic celebrations in Mexico, the Day of the Dead. Barbie Day of the Dead 2022 is already a reality.

Since 2019, Barbie has launched this edition to honor the culture and beauty of Mexico, now by the hand of a national designer, Benito Santos, recognized for his exquisite wedding dresses and avant-garde style combined with Mexican textures, colors and traditions.

It was the same Jalisco who made the announcement on his social networks, followed by a statement on the official Mattel website, who thanked the Mexican designer for "honoring the costumes, symbols and rituals of this commemorative party."

For his part, Santos said he has been working for more than a year with the Mattel America and Mattel Mexico team to define the makeup, dress and appearance of Barbie Day of the Dead 2022.

In the first editions of Barbie Day of the Dead, reference was made to monarch butterflies, sugar skulls, colored coffins, bread of the dead, marigold flowers, and of course, charrería.

However, this year, by the hand of Mexican Benito Santos, Barbie Day of the Dead, is inspired by traditional charro costumes, with floral embroidery in red and white. It is the first of this collection to be designed by a Mexican.

In addition, it is adorned with silver jewelry, roses as an ornament, and a braid headdress accompanied by ribbons. As for the wardrobe, this gets a feminine silhouette, with a skirt tight to the hips and mermaid cut, adorned with ruffles to give it volume. A white shirt and a matching bolero jacket.

The makeup, followed the tradition of a catrina appearance with a touch of vivid color in pink and light blue, with bright red lips.

"Having a doll for the Benito Santos brand is a historic event, but also because there is a child stored there who wanted to play with dolls and never could," the designer said in his social networks.

Benito explained that he will tell how was the process to choose hair, makeup and of course, the wardrobe of the Day of the Dead 2022 Barbie. The designer, considered himself a nationalist, had Barbie as a gift of life. "Everything can be fulfilled, you have to work very hard, but dreams come true."

The Benito Santos brand has always been designed to be recognized worldwide and exported, "made with Mexican hands and a lot of love."

This is not the first time the two brands have worked together. In 2019, Benito Santos, designed a collection inspired by Barbie for its 60th anniversary in Mexico.

At 45 years old, Benito Santos is a man who has fulfilled his dreams and will continue to do so when he reaches the whole world. Mexico is full of talent.